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Community Uploads


Contribute directly to Picture Ipswich


Whether you have been taking photos of an event in Ipswich, or if you have been scanning your family photo albums, it is now easy to upload your images to Picture Ipswich and make them part of the historical archival record of the City of Ipswich.


We are looking for historical and contemporary images of Ipswich people, places, and events, these could include:

  • Architecture (e.g. houses, buildings, home interiors, construction & demolition sites, bridges, landscaping & gardens around buildings)

  • Streetscapes

  • Events (e.g. floods, festivals)

  • Businesses (e.g. staff, people at work, shop layouts)

  • Sporting teams

  • Community groups (e.g. choirs, volunteer groups)

  • Places of Worship

  • Places (e.g. Ipswich suburbs & localities, waterways, parks & reserves)

  • Schools (e.g. class photos, sporting & cultural events, school buildings, classroom interiors) 

  • People & families (e.g. weddings & anniversaries, birthday parties, holidays, at work & at play, cooking)

  • Military (e.g. nurses, soldiers, RAAF Base Amberley)


To upload your images, click on the Upload button in the navigation panel (black bar to the left of the screen if using a desktop / tablet, or under the hamburger if using a mobile) and follow the prompts. 


When you upload your image contributions, you are acknowledging the following:

  • That for all images / information being contributed, you are either

    • the creator of the images / information (e.g. photographer or author) 

    • the copyright holder (e.g. you paid a photographer to take the photos for you)

    • have permission from the copyright holder to submit content 

    • the content is out of Copyright (e.g. an image taken before 1955)

  • That your contributions will be made available to the public under Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike license

  • That all images / information contributed to Picture Ipswich express the views and opinions of the author and are not representative of the views of Picture Ipswich, Ipswich Libraries or Ipswich City Council.

  • That you are not submitting abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, threatening, discriminatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise unlawful material.

  • That Picture Ipswich reserves the right to remove or edit information or material that you have submitted. 


Images can be uploaded individually or, if you have several photos depicting the same subject, these could be uploaded as a group.


Follow the links for more information on Picture Ipswich and our copyright  procedures.

Click here for instructions on how to upload an image to Picture Ipswich.  Also view our user guides for other hints and tips on how to navigate and interact with the Picture Ipswich website.


Suggested image capture standards are available on the National Archives of Australia website.


All community uploads are moderated by the Digital Archivist before being made public.  This is to check if images are appropriate and that relevant metadata is added to ensure images are discoverable on Picture Ipswich.  The Digital Archivist might contact you for additional information before the images are made public.


If you have a larger collection of images that you would like to contribute to Picture Ipswich (including if they require digitisation), please contact us via the email from below or by calling +61 07 3810 7272.


Examples of recent community uploads can be viewed below.


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2nd Ipswich Boys brigade Silstone Baptist 1967
2nd Ipswich Boys brigade Silstone Baptist 1967
Culture on Country, Picture Ipswich display, Harding's Paddock, September 2023
Culture on Country, Picture Ipswich display, Harding's Paddock, September 2023
Unidentified child, Ipswich, late 1880s
Unidentified child, Ipswich, late 1880s
Series of images of Ipswich taken between 1945 and 1955
Series of images of Ipswich taken between 1945 and 1955
Karragaroo, May 2023
Karragaroo, May 2023
Karragaroo, May 2023
Karragaroo, May 2023