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Become a Picture Ipswich PI (Photo Investigator)

Help us to build the collection and enrich our knowledge of Ipswich history.


Show your love for Picture Ipswich and date the Desperate & Dateless collection.  Can you figure out when these photos were taken?  


Over time, photos fade and names are forgotten.  Can you recognise the Ipswich faces in our  Who Do You Think I Am?  collection?


If you think you are better at navigating and reading a map than an app on your phone, Where in Ipswich? will have you pinpointing the exact spot where our photos were taken.


There are over 32,000 stories to be told at the Ipswich General Cemetery.  Can you help us to make a start by transcribing headstones? 


There is a skill to reading old handwriting.  If you poses that skill, put it to good use by transcribing our Manuscripts collection.


Identifying one sports team from the next is not easy in Black & White. Help us to tell the difference between one jersey and the next with the What's My Team? crowdsourcing collection.


Can you tell the difference between a Holden and a Ford?  If yes, you can help us to identify the makes and models of the many cars we have in the Dude, What's My Car? collection.