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Ipswich Heritage Groups

Ipswich Genealogical Society Inc.

Ipswich Historical Society & Cooneana Heritage Centre

Ipswich Hospital Museum

Ipswich Soldiers Memorial Hall R.S.L.A.

Mt Crosby Historical Society 

National Trust Queensland

Pine Mountain & District Historical Society Inc.

RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre

Rosewood History Group

Rosewood Scrub Historical Society Inc.

Willis L. Haenke Historical Foundation

Workshops Rail Museum


Heritage, contains information for residents and owners of historic Ipswich properties

Heritage Advisor Service offers a limited free consultation, by appointment, to owners of historic Ipswich buildings

Ipswich Art Gallery


Ipswich Heritage Trails

Heritage Trails and Historical Markers

Queens Park Heritage Trail is a wonderful new addition to the Heritage Trails of Ipswich series that includes an online audio tour of the famous park and its many wonderful features