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Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums


Queensland State Archives

State Library of Queensland 

John Oxley Library is a centre for research and study relating to Queensland, since 1934

Fryer Library is located at the University of Queensland and it contains significant Australian studies resources as well as rare books, architectural plans and manuscripts

Text Queensland offers digitised books, theses, and journals dating from Queensland's colonial history.  The collection includes Pugh's Almanac, Queensland Government Gazette, Queensland Hansard, and The Queenslander

National Library of Australia


Brisbane's Living Heritage Network

Museums & Galleries Queensland

The Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art

Queensland Museum

Memoris of the Queensland Museum


Queensland Places website containing all cities, suburbs, towns, and villages in Queensland that have or have had a population of 500 or more at any census.

Queensland Historical Atlas

Queensland Speaks Interviews with politicians, senior public servants, and others, providing an insight into the political world of decision making in Queensland from 1968 to 2008.