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James Ivory diary, 1863 - 1870, Ipswich (2013)


[...]sion of Rod and Derek Nixon-Smith, descendants of James Ivory and of the Mitchell Library who hold
the original[...]mission is not required to use information in the transcriptions, however for all cases of reproduction,
acknowled[...]ment is not guaranteed error free. It is based on transcriptions of original hand

Disclaimer: ‘The vie[...]xpressed in this document are those of the author (James Ivory)’.

Sketch drawn by James Ivory
Transcriber’s note: Starts May 1863 Friday 8th May 1863
London, what a queer figure he must have cut![...]Laurie about timber & enclosed the
Monday 4th May 1863 articles[...]Saturday 9th May 1863
Tuesday 5 May 1863 B.D. Rea[...]aiting us at Causeway Sunday 10th May 1863
head, slightly rainy, arrived all safe, & found[...]y amusement & no doubt of those
Wednesday 6th May 1863 around. Exce[...]a mistake, then Tot fell over a
Thursday 7th May 1863 stum[...]
Monday 11th May 1863 dressing &[...]inger was rather painful. Music.
Tuesday 12th May 1863 Bed.
Shower[...]ent him 10/.. Saturday 16th May 1863[...]paper. Account Sales of my 20
Wednesday 13th May 1863 bales of wool[...]t Mrs Williamson. Hail. Another
Thursday 14th May 1863 concert goin[...]large ones rise, but they Sunday 17th May 1863
were too cunning for me. Found a Punch in train.[...]ered the cook to put plums in his
Friday 15th May 1863 pudding, s[...]two on at a time, but Monday 18th May 1863
in landing them one got off. Dysart was quite[...]en he saw my line he Tuesday 19th May 1863
rushed in & tried to catch the line in his[...]
Wednesday 20th May 1863 hit her on the[...]ith bewilderment Sunday 24th May 1863
where to find us. Walked to the Queen’s Park[...]ead papers. Commenced Monday 25th May 1863
Miss Knights times of the princess Charlotte, ver[...]rote to Dad. Thomson gun Maker.
Thursday 21st May 1863 George Ord. M[...]& he couldn’t account Tuesday 26th May 1863
for it, unless it was the season being rather col[...]ly to be seen yet. Salmon scarce.
Friday 22nd May 1863 Music. Bed.[...]om we saw the other Wednesday 27th May 1863
day, the Stirling police had searched him, & foun[...]tended for Amelia Thursday 28th May 1863
Place. Returned it. Met Fanny Westmacott at[...]s time & through the cutting of
Saturday 23rd May 1863 which[...]
Friday 29th May 1863 of the Loch[...]iew. Very blowy, Tuesday 2nd June 1863
found 3 young ladies in considerable Crinoline[...]niture being sold off. Saw some
Saturday 30th May 1863 beautiful imp[...]a lively group of men on the road, all on the
Mrs Ivory would like some new bonnet from[...]by the tail & safely placed it at
Sunday 31st May 1863 the bottom[...]teamer passed a little after & we
Monday 1st June 1863 shew[...]
[...]ng about it. Gave the Saturday 6th June 1863
trout as a present to Mrs Purvis, & the smaller[...]mes at Ecarte & Billiards with
Wednesday 3rd June 1863 Williamson, I[...]it was. There was a Sunday 7th June 1863
queer little Blackie in the lot about 4 years of[...]Monday 8th June 1863[...]ain drops. Took Miss W & Tot to
Thursday 4th June 1863 Dunblane Cath[...]Tuesday 9th June 1863[...]ndery looking. Roba di Roma seems
Friday 5th June 1863 to b[...]
[...]. Letter from Nin to Saturday 13th June 1863
Het. Music. Bed.[...]which I threw into the water,
Wednesday 10th June 1863 tried minnow &[...]on business matters. No other
Thursday 11th June 1863 Australian le[...]Mrs [word illegible] Sunday 14th June 1863
at tea. [word illegible] & I went to the Allan at[...]on & had a yarn with Williamson,
Friday 12th June 1863 he lent me[...]going over it. Mr Monday 15th June 1863
McDonald caught 3 salmon this morning. He has[...]complaining of bad Tuesday 16th June 1863
success, Mr McDonald won’t handle a rod,[...]
Wednesday 17th June 1863 Sunday 21st June 1863
Rivers up. Cloudy. Read papers. Some one saw a[...]ame of Grant, something of the
Thursday 18th June 1863 Brownlow North[...]Club. Mr Stewart the Monday 22nd June 1863
book fisher & Mr Russell another said to be great[...]hat he had seen me at Tuesday 23rd June 1863
Mr Evelyn Gordon’s” whilst fishing in the All[...]reary, really the British Nation
Friday 19th June 1863 nowadays seem[...]a on my arrival giving Wednesday 24th June 1863
very satisfactory news. Warmish day. Bed.[...]unts paid Rolland & Weirs wine
Saturday 20th June 1863 Bill als[...]
[...]some very good trouts dash at
Thursday 25th June 1863 my minnow, b[...]lished up a piece Tuesday 30th June 1863
of my Cypress Pine, very pretty. Read part of[...]& caught nothing, I was fishing
Friday 26th June 1863 almost all[...]m of the page is torn, if my name was Mr Ivory, I said yes, he then said
curled & illegible.[...]year round for fishing, viz to
Saturday 27th June 1863 keep them in[...]trout, unless on Wednesday 1st July 1863
some very lucky occasion. Met a regular[...]ames with Uncle at Billiards, he
Sunday 28th June 1863 lost, I gi[...]ugh a Uncle who wishing to smell
Monday 29th June 1863 the[...]
[...]ttle twinges every Sunday 5th July 1863
now & then. Subscribed to some games which are[...]Monday 6th July 1863
Thursday 2nd July 1863 B.D. Very[...]the same sort turn at my minnow,
Friday 3rd July 1863 he told[...]Madaten[?] give no Music. Bed.

Saturday 4th July 1863 Tuesday 7th July 1863
B.D. Went yesterday to Airthrey Castle, Uncle[...]arden very much of Wednesday 8th July 1863
the kitchen order, hardly any flowers, & almost a[...]bad taste, who was Thursday 9th July 1863
the designer? I was Sir, was the reply, so Uncle[...]han expecting to get Friday 10th July 1863
a boat to fish from, but I found only boat[...]
[...]ots of fun in him. Music. Bed.
Saturday 11th July 1863
B.D. Saw Sir J. Alexander who came to explain Tuesday 14th July 1863
how he could not take this trip as he proposed to[...]who were quite 25. Called on Sir James. Found his little sickly son
delighted with the H[...]rs de combat by Wednesday 15th July 1863
their repulse from their victory assault,[...]caught 4 with minnow. Thursday 16th July 1863
The stream running into the Teith at Doune is the[...]learn. Went to the Forth to try
Sunday 12th July 1863 the sea tr[...]not sure of it yet. Music. Bed.

Monday 13th July 1863 Friday 17th July 1863
B.D. Finished Kinglake’s Crimea . Mr & Mrs Torr[...]f the shots very Saturday 18th July 1863
bad. 3 games at billiards with Torre, he w[...]
[...]alled, & poor Letty Friday 24th July 1863
was sadly teased by Torre, who made Tot believe[...]th Holmie to the Forth, raised 2
Sunday 19th July 1863 sea trou[...]for sale on the Saturday 24th July 1863
28th Instant. Went to the U. P. Church, change no[...]ether, Liz advised me to see the
Monday 20th July 1863 Ghost, i[...]Sunday 26th July 1863
Tuesday 21 July 1863 B.D. We[...]a difficult task I should Monday 27th July 1863
think. Told Wifie all my news. Music. Bed.[...]I also, caught 1 yellow trout
Wednesday 22nd July 1863 on a grilse[...]Tuesday 28th July 1863[...]oing off, & as Holmie & I were
Thursday 23rd July 1863 bot[...]
[...]dals was much admired for his
Wednesday 29th July 1863 neat Highland[...]to Stirling & cab it Sunday 2nd August 1863
thence. Home. Music. Bed.[...]Sat with Wifie. Prayers. Bed.
Thursday 30th July 1863
B.D. Read paper. Mrs Williamson none the worse Monday 3rd August 1863
of her fatigues. Billiards. Read Lost & saved, by[...]Tuesday 4th August 1863
Friday 31 July 1863 B.D. Inte[...]son. We then went to try Loch
Saturday 1st August 1863 Ard, bu[...]
[...]e plenty salmon & Sunday 9th August 1863
sea trout. It is considered a good general fishin[...]el. Cabbed it from Monday 10th August 1863
Stirling. Off to Bed.[...]rnstisland train by 1 minute
Wednesday 5th August 1863 owing to the ti[...]looking well. Bed.
Thursday 6th August 1863
B.D. Read paper. Nana Sahib again said to be Tuesday 11th August 1863
caught, don’t believe it! Confeds having a regu[...]spend time till Bed.

Friday 7th August 1863 Wednesday 12th August 1863
Rainy. Read paper & Roha di Roma. Packing up.[...]considerable value found this
Saturday 8th August 1863 year. I[...]
Thursday 13th August 1863 run off at Dunke[...]re to get this shooting, so we
Friday 14th August 1863 are lucky, the[...]y Thomson waiting Tuesday 18th August 1863
for me about another shooting for the Marquis of[...]ooked at the ground he fired
Saturday 15th August 1863 at, saw it did n[...]f Dunkeld (Culbert) who came &
Sunday 16th August 1863 pronounced not[...]f bed, wrote to Uncle to break
Monday 17th August 1863 the news to Wi[...]s, License &c. Wednesday 19th August 1863
Lunched at Dunkeld, Passed thence to Gleng[...]
[...]to shoot Monday 24th August 1863
tomorrow. Bed.[...]he former & 3 in the latter,
Thursday 20th August 1863 but we met 2 m[...]ty. Wrote to Liz. Chess. Bed.

Friday 21st August 1863 Tuesday 25th August 1863
B.D. Sent a letter by Graham yesterday to Dad[...]is has hurt his Wednesday 26th August 1863
shoulder. There is a party of Lancashire people o[...]he Lodge. Chess. Mrs Webster
Saturday 22nd August 1863 beat. Bed.
B.D[...]le Laurie, sent Thursday 27th August 1863
off letters to Ord, Mason, Frank & Mrs Craies, al[...]na well. Dysart wildish. Bed.

Sunday 23rd August 1863
B.D. Read. Wrote letters. Strolled about f[...]
Friday 28th August 1863 grouse. Saw[...]put up in Thursday 3rd September 1863
barns. A few tunes on Accordeon. Bed.[...]e & 1 hare. I 6 +3 hares. We
Saturday 29th August 1863 intend having[...]erd lost his Friday 4th September 1863
faithful dog which is obeying its masters orders[...]r 5 or 6 hares & 3 grouse, & I
Sunday 30th August 1863 32 hares 1 G[...]killing 3 shots out of 33 head
Monday 31st August 1863 bagged. Sand[...]ie a hare & a Saturday 5th September 1863
grouse. Sent Uncle a brace of grouse & a brace of[...]of Allan 1 brace grouse & a
Tuesday 1st September 1863 couple of hares[...]s blooming & quite strong
Wednesday 2nd September 1863 looking. W[...]
Sunday 6th September 1863 Mrs Webster. St[...]ent a short letter to Wifie,
Monday 7th September 1863 hardly time to[...]Whist. Music. Thursday 10th September 1863
Bed.[...]o the Princess of Wales, at
Tuesday 8th September 1863 least the papers[...]ried the doors & Friday 11th September 1863
windows, I certainly might have got in, but not[...]by telling them Saturday 12th September 1863
that I would take a dog cart, & make the Company[...]had a trout in his mouth
Wednesday 9th September 1863 about 3 oz we also[...]lame, & Sunday 13th September 1863
obstinate besides. Inverness Railway opene[...]
Monday 14th September 1863 Saturday 19th September 18631863
of grouse & a hare on my return homeward.[...]t they
brace grouse to Lady Jardine, 2 brace to A Ivory, & did not upset the boat, as it was they[...]snow by the 22nd of this
Wednesday 16th September 1863 month, so they were[...]row if good weather. Bed.
Thursday 17th September 1863
Fine morning which enticed me out, soon came Monday 21st September 1863
on heavy wind & Scotch mist. Shot badly owing I[...]he same & 2 grouse. Webster
Friday 18th September 1863 shabbily[...]
[...]dney, & Saturday 26th September 1863
London, the former with Bills of Exchange, the[...]er. Andy intended to leave
Tuesday 22nd September 1863 but now departs[...]more wages, & Sunday 27th September 1863
wringing her hands said that she could not do her[...]e died with Monday 28th September 1863
£70,000 personal property, far more than I ever[...]turned tutor for Cardew.
Thursday 24th September 1863 Between showers b[...]untry he has seen. Wrote to
Friday 25th September 1863 Willie inviting[...]sel, I had a Tuesday 29th September 1863
good shot at a black cock but unfortunately[...]ll, that we Wednesday 30th September 1863
had to drop it. Letter from Willie & Hale[...]
Thursday 1st October 1863 Monday 5th October 1863
Very peculiar, warm & heavy mist till about 12.[...]yed a game of Chess with Nin &
Friday 2nd October 1863 Heather, she[...]Got near a fine Saturday 24th October 1863
black cock three times, but it always continued t[...]a most amusing lunch & then
Saturday 3rd October 1863 descended as t[...]& hearty looking! Sunday 25th October 1863
Blue Peter who always used to take up my[...]Thomas. I believe Monday 26th October 1863
that she is firm with them. Jim wished to get the[...]his month, I having no letter.
Sunday 4th October 1863 Heron got 20[...]ent sermon from Tuesday 27th October 1863
Mr Cupan[?] The Friday answered Purvis kin[...]
[...]k got fever & ague, Saturday 31st October 1863
so couldn’t come. Read paper. Packing up for a[...]ged by McKay & Cunningham.
Wednesday 28th October 1863 Tottie & Jim very[...]e gone by, so we Sunday 1st November 1863
took lunch at the B[?] Inn, & saw the Duke of[...]grouse to himself Monday 2nd November 1863
with a black cock 7 grey Hen. I arrived at Rossen[...]at with him. Letter Tuesday 3rd November 1863
from Co’ Joe about shooting, rather too late ol[...]Very cold. Arrived all safe
Thursday 29th October 1863 at Viewforth agai[...]door. Unpacked all my things.
Friday 30th October 1863 Letter f[...]
Wednesday 4th November 1863 Another 50 up b[...]& proposes to
take a run in Spring. She says Sir James is even Sunday 8th November 1863
worse than I am as to knocking about. She is[...]fie in carriage, Monday 9th November 1863
train arrived, no appearance of family. Returned,[...]smell queerly. Bed.

Thursday 5th November 1863 Tuesday 10th November 1863
Rainy morning, fine afternoon. Wifie arrived &[...]low there Doctor Ellis. Bed.

Friday 6th November 1863 Wednesday 11th November 1863
B.D. Very frosty, Lady Alexander called. Het too[...]ough peculiarly fine, Music
Saturday 7th November 1863 singing. Bed.[...]Sir Charles Thursday 12th November 1863
Nicholson was rather badly dressed when he[...]
[...]others 886 to know where the
Friday 13th November 1863 Great Britain wo[...]that tune any more, Johnny
Saturday 14th November 1863 used to be kind to[...]had to run from Tuesday 17th November 1863
Paris, a wag said, it a ses Napolean mis partant[...]Bed.

Sunday 15th November 1863 Wednesday 18th November 1863
Showery. Went with Wifie to Free church, where[...]mson called. Wrote to Cadell
Monday 16th November 1863 enclosing[...]
[...]isitors. Note from Jardine
Thursday 19th November 1863 informing me to[...]Ainslie Place to Tuesday 24th November 1863
meet the Nichols, whom I found to be jolly,[...]ys where I had Wednesday 25th November 1863
left them behind, & I had only ¼ of an hour to[...]& Frank. Thursday 26th November 1863
Janet played a few tunes nicely. Bed.[...]ing out of the window to see
Friday 20th November 1863 whether there[...]Friday 27th November 1863
Saturday 21 November 1863 Raining as us[...]illiards. Read Saturday 28th November 1863
Naples, very good. Looked over papers. Music.[...]duck. I had to remain & pack
Sunday 22nd November 1863 up & settle a[...]grateful for my kindness to
Monday 23rd November 1863 them i[...]
[...]beat him at Billiards. Bed.
Sunday 29th November 1863
Just cleared up when we came away. Went with Friday 4th December 1863
Miss Bairnsfather to hear Mr Millar, very good[...], & came in, followed by the
Monday 30th November 1863 piccannies all l[...]te true though
Sent off game to Dad, Mother, A M. Ivory & not really so, as it does look[...]ng. Bed. Saturday 5th December 1863[...]paper. Sorry to see such bad
Tuesday 1st December 1863 accounts of Lord[...], singing. Bed. Sunday 6th December 1863[...]urch with wifie to hear Mr
Wednesday 2nd December 1863 Dykes of great ren[...]ines to him. Prayers. Bed.

Thursday 3rd December 1863 Monday 7th December 1863
Snowing, ground quite white. Letter from L[...]
[...]o Lady Jardine Friday 11th December 1863
about paying a visit on the 16th. Chess. Music.[...]knew the odds were 2 to 1 in
Tuesday 8th December 1863 Heenan’s favo[...]ding her of her promise to
Wednesday 9th December 1863 send to me her Ph[...]ards with Saturday 12th December 1863
Wiliamson. Lost both games. Music. Bed.[...]hess. Music. Singing. Bed.
Thursday 10th December 1863
Rainy. Read paper. Young Chetwoode Sunday 13th December 1863
Drummond Pringle called to see me about[...]hat’s the Monday 14th December 1863
Cheese”; an Indian Officer told him that[...]
[...]So we smoked & yarned away,
Tuesday 15th December 1863 he telling me th[...]from India, they call him
Wednesday 16th December 1863 General, whether i[...]ought it, he must Friday 17th December 1863
have been very oblivious, as he opened his[...]
[...]r & Mr & Mrs Landale dined
Saturday 18th December 1863 with us today. Had[...]r Charles J. Went to Morris foot ground Ivory does not seem to approve of. Very little
to shoot[...]himself, he is Tuesday 22nd December 1863
General. Lady J does not recollect getting my[...]Jardine. The General bade
Saturday 19th December 1863 me a kind adieu &[...]hat you will not make use of
Sunday 20th December 1863 anything which I[...]d at Viewforth found wifie &
Monday 21st December 1863 all well,[...]
Wednesday 23rd December 1863 herself,” fille[...]prettily, the wee Darling.
Thursday 24th December 1863 Music, singing,[...]to Lady Jardine Saturday 26th December 1863
today’s Scotsman containing mention of her[...]up with a bad Sunday 27th December 1863
foot. Astonished Jim by squirting rose water in h[...]Prayers. Bed.
Friday 25th December 1863
Xmas day, very rainy. Read paper. Went to see Monday 28th December 1863
about hamper with turkey, brais heard & su[...]
[...]servants dancing with their
Tuesday 29th December 1863 friends, the pr[...]from a weak chest & much
Wednesday 30th December 1863 requires somethin[...], rather peculiar looking,
Thursday 31st December 1863 however i[...]

Sketch drawn by James Ivory

[...]he chimes of different clocks, the tone is soft &
James’ Park water, found it in a horrid state of[...].m. was safely delivered of a healthy Prince, for
James & cut his hand rather severely. Saw not a[...]
[...]been accepted, rather awkward,
me his card to Mr James Allan head Manager of it wa[...]
[...]Tot of the girls picture book, got off
& William Ivory, also on Miss Stoddart. Aunt[...]
[...]strong sea. Aunt William Ivory kindly sent her &
Thaw with slight snow in aftern[...]Photograph to Het & me. Read paper,
Aunt William Ivory, Aunt W Lawrie & Mrs Gallway al[...]
[...]his Father (Cadell’s) is still alive, I
Aunt W Ivory at Church yesterday, though Uncle’s[...]
[...]isplayed the act. for Advertising W.A.L. Ivory’s birth. Wrote Alek a
Loud calls for Bro[...]
[...]warning. Aunt Ivory very kindly brought for Dad a[...]
[...]rom Australia on
Called on Aunts Maggie & William Ivory, both well Monday. Went to a conce[...]
[...]per. Paid a host of Keith his fee. Aunt Ivory ill with a gumboil. Called
Accounts nearly[...]
Edinburg, called on Aunties & Uncle William Ivory Maggie Pillans. Several 1,000s o[...]
[...]hicks. Bed. found Aunt Ivory very well. Aunt M Laurie called[...]
[...]osing my Photograph to Mrs Aitchison
Aunt William Ivory. They all drank for me a[...]
[...]which I will buy if I private Contract in James Street Toowoomba at
get Eskdale sold. Look[...]
[...]?] from David Archer & Co, I
wonder how it is not Ivory Brothers. They have Saturday[...]
[...]duties of the Wifie, Dad, Liz, & Aunt Ivory, all well. Wifie not
young. Took a short stroll i[...]in. Really unless
Attorney General’s opinion in Ivory v Collins & I want to be regula[...]
[...]him. Long yarn with Roberts my Solicitor Re Ivory
B.D. 4 out of 5 sheep’s feet in a shocki[...]
[...]groggy, I believe he once left Aunt Ivory, but no journal this time. Long yarn
½ an[...]
[...]uld make a rattling[?] Slave driver. I
little son James (after me) killed by a fall of a[...]
[...], when she then said that she was
there. Wrote to James Gibson about Mr Mason, awar[...]

Sketch drawn by James Ivory

[...]opped in
misstatement as placed in that regarding Ivory v the bush, both doing well. Bed.
Maso[...]Brisbane property Ivory Street, had he asked me I
B.D. Rode to Logan’s[...]g Swamp to see how splitters & to Ivory’s street, as it really is mine as given[...]
[...]f Somerset,
Account. Lawyer’s expenses £119 in Ivory v lots to be sold April 4th. I m[...]. Daniells quite proud of his cotton.
Grandfather Ivory for 40 years. Grapes all but[...]
[...]ch I believe is quite unusual acres in James Street Toowoomba are to be sold
& untenabl[...]
[...]from Het, Dad, nights. Bed.
Liz, Aunt Ivory. Willie, Hall & Webster & Sutton.
Called o[...]o those I have your Obedient servant James Henderson.” I
before seen. Read letters[...]
[...]rnment Gates for
in stealing some apples with the Ivory’s helping paddock. Bed.
him off a[...]l Dear man. May God
Wifie, Dad, Liz, Willie, Aunt Ivory, Aunties Betsy & shower down blessings o[...]onday 22nd May 1865
offering £400 for 2 acres in James Street B.D. Settled fo[...]
[...]acres in James’ Street Toowoomba for £400.[...]
[...]acres James Street to give to Batho. Read papers.[...]
[...]s my lamb, as
the fear you are seeking it when Mr Ivory heard it, if any one could swear[...]
[...]ht the Post office had sent his letters as
see Mr James Collins butcher about my bill for[...]
[...]panel. Wrote to Batho about seeing my case Ivory
enclosure. Letter from Saunders & Company[...]
[...]olite salutation of you b__y wretch. IvoryJames’ Street Toowoomba. greener. Cave catt[...]nduct to
so worthy a man ought to have hurled Sir James
Graham & Berkely at once from the Admiralt[...]
[...]asked me whether I was the James Ivory at the
Saturday 14th October 1865[...]nerally fine day. whether my name was James, as he said that I
Drove Kennedy to Ipswich, but[...]tening, yet nothing
Dearest Wifie, Liz, Dad, Aunt Ivory, Tom, Janet, & comes of it. Sent to Logan’s Lagoon some things
Uncle William Ivory. Sent Wifie £100 Dad £100[...]
[...]for Jim, Dad, Liz, Tom, Uncle William Ivory, Janet,
B.D. Warm. 4th lot sold for £100.[...]

Sketch drawn by James Ivory

Received Land Deed from James Mort. Bed. Up
still. Johnny drove me in. P[...]
[...]ng put the mother along with it. About 20
Aunt M. Ivory. Advised Wifie of £100 sent.[...]I have written for search for me in Ivory v Crewe, long case & rather
warrant & Cons[...]
[...]Mail Tele. Carroll Liz, Willie & Aunt Ivory, I can’t make out how
had to go to Town to get[...]. neither Wifie nor Uncle William Ivory have not
Cotton I found growing everywhere[...]
[...]0 head 58 bullocks &
nicely. Wrote to Pryce, Aunt ivory, Liz, & Willie 22 cows. Burning[...]
[...]Sunday 27th May 1866
yet sent to Uncle William Ivory on account load to B.D. Little[...]
[...]with everything to my mother & Aunt Ivory. Heavy wind from East
Library inclusive. We[...]
[...]swich on business. Between
seed to Wifie & Auntie Ivory, 2 sorts of this & Ipswich la[...]0th/66. Still
Sent my letters to Wifie, Dad, Aunt ivory, Liz & raining. Read papers, hard at[...]more so amongst dairy stock.
£50 I sent to uncle Ivory yet as payment of loan to Beautif[...]
[...]ored Promissory note of £148.10.0. Aunt Ivory. Prairie grass splendid. Read papers.
he as[...]
[...]os feeding on one side, cattle on the Ivory. Planting Cotton. Flying foxes eating all m[...]
[...]ted a splendid spring close to
Liz & Uncle Wiliam Ivory. Read papers. Mrs one of[...]e. Bed. £900. J Ivory £1,446. Liabilities £17,000. Assets[...]
[...]Papers savage at our new Stamp Act & no
Aunt Ivory addressed Bandanbah, Gayndah, so it[...]
[...]t a brilliant lightning. Wrote to Aunt Ivory. Flute.
stick & killed it. Isabella Grape l[...]
[...]seen in the Obituary of Telegram Lord Ivory. I had

Sketch drawn by James Ivory

[...]Pink Lilly with seed pods just the Uncle James Ivory by Lord Broughen as being the
shape of the rose o[...]12,000 to Bank Australasia William Ivory’s letter via Panama. The late Lord[...]
[...]ld Taffy mare still alive but getting quite
Uncle Ivory, & on return of man find the mail[...]
[...]Wifie, Liz, Tom, Willie, & Holmie & Uncle Ivory,
refused him after asking me. Returned to[...]
[...]ight. Making hay of Sorghum. Pleuro Ivory. Bed.
Pneumonia not at all bad at present i[...]
[...]Holmie, Uncle William Ivory with seeds. Poetry to[...]
[...]£14.3.6 ½ year. Read about
months Bills from Mr James Gibbon. I was all but Windmills[...]
[...]B.D. Wrote to Liz also to Uncle William Ivory in
about 1,000 trees, but could not see one[...]Chilies. Wrote to Aunt Ivory. Enclosed paragraph
Rainy. No letter from[...]al things he ought to write about. Ivory. Read papers. Saw some fine horses.
Sent M[...]gain, Wrote to Het, Tom, Liz. Aunt Ivory & to Uncle[...]
[...]some amateur acting, very
Liz, Tom, Uncle William Ivory, Het & Aunt Ivory. good, well got up. Well attend[...]t little Tot, Liz, Bed.
Tom, Aunt William Ivory & Uncle William, also
Account from Thomson gun ma[...]y vouchsafe its practice, two mighty James Gibson of the Bank of N.S. Wales says that[...]
[...]ry justly so. Letter from Alek,
his name ad Fence (James I think) both likely please[...]
[...]d papers. Liz, Tom, Willie, Aunt Ivory, & Holmie & one for
Bed.[...]aribalde’s speech at Venice, if it was as it is
Ivory for £200 more to Het makes, £800 if the[...]
[...]liar & in my opinion Liz, Tom & Aunt Ivory. D’Israeli seems to have
not very correc[...]Aunt Ivory. Piccolo. Bed.

Friday 14th June 1867[...]
[...]many purposes on the Station, besides being
Aunt Ivory, Holmie, & Mr W.H. Maxwell of[...]
[...]1867 Auntie Ivory descriptive of Logan’s Lagoon & its
[...]dog Willie, Tom, Uncle William Ivory & Holmie, also to
Ruffy came in & lay beside me w[...]Queenslander to Willie, & letter to Aunt Ivory.
undulating piece of ground, also a level[...]washed & harness put in order. Read papers
Ivory & Uncle William. Answered Liz’s [word[...]
[...]is nearly as hard as Ivory. Poking about caves.
Showery. Took a ride &[...]
[...]us yield on black soil paddock of
het. Liz & Aunt Ivory having sent off letter to oats, they think they will never be done stacking
Uncle William Ivory. Sent lots of papers. Lambing i[...]
[...]with Mr Martin for land got by Johnstone in Ivory
Beazley, said I should have nothing to do[...]
[...]c. A Femister for
wee Jamie, Tom, & Uncle William Ivory. Sales of samples of Lade’s S[...]
[...]awkward at present. Wrote to Uncle Ivory via
me. Mail arrived at Ky’Gs Sound. Piccolo. B[...]r 1867
B.D. Wrote to Wifie, Tottie, Uncle William Ivory, Wednesday 25th December 1867
Liz & Hal[...]Sent off a letter to Uncle Ivory via Panama. Slice[...]Getting on with
letters to Wifie, Tot, Liz, Uncle Ivory & Hall & shearing. Chased 2 fel[...]

Sketch drawn by James Ivory

[...]& _ from Jamie, Letter from Liz & Aunt Ivory. One
would not, like a fool, take £40 bei[...]things
up Pickwick & found the fellows Mr Perm & James in Bandanbah store. Read papers. P[...]for wilful trespass against James Crook. Hendren
B.D. with an occasional sli[...]
[...]idates my
rain of consequence here. Wrote to Aunt Ivory. property & leaves no surveye[...]ent with Mr Beazley over the
to Wifie, Liz, Aunty Ivory, Mr Dymock enclosing Mill, whe[...]
[...]wave to do so. Saw a curious Miss Ivory at Madeira. Find that there is a great
[...]poor Uncle William Ivory’s sudden death, which
Rainy. Wrote to Wifie. Si[...]must be a hard blow to Aunt William, Ivory &
Getting much calmer. Whist 14/6. Bed.[...]
[...]B.D. Posted letters for Wifie. Master James
handle them, without Wifie’s signature.[...]
[...]the Gospel. We next went to pay Aunt Ivory a[...]executed photograph of Uncle William Ivory i.e. 1
Restante. Wifie improving. Wrote to[...]
[...]meat then went & lunched with Aunt Ivory & found her
Extract works as somehow by having a[...]pretty old lady. Wrote to Aunt William Ivory
answered same. Bed.[...]Ivory Photograph which is excellent. Whist. Bed.
Thursd[...]xchange a fearfully large pair he had Ivory called yesterday on Liz & she looked
[...]of 10 to 12 years old. Really
letter to each. Mr James Brampton arrived, gave they, ‘the lo[...]ft us at ‘Kirn’ in
Liz. She had tea & her son James with us. Bed. Kyles of Bute &[...]
[...]Webster, but was not sure until I saw her
Ivory, (Laurie) very complimentary to me & writes[...]Ivory rather better. Webster not appeared. Bed.
Monday[...]Paid off whole debt to Messrs McLachlan Ivory &
with heat couldn’t see Mrs Forbes hous[...]
[...]news. Read papers by which I see Gympy diggings
Ivory & bid her goodbye. Diner & had tea at St[...]ges bathing in
B.D. Posted letters to Liz & Aunty Ivory. Only got the most indecent way[...]
[...]did not get a rise till at the
force. Joked Annie Ivory about the way she kissed last p[...]
[...]Wrote letters of condolence to Tom, Aunt Ivory, &
poor Dear man – was awfully cold, but he too[...]angement of payment. Nin &
Goodeve to Chicks. Mrs James Broughton sent Tottie runn[...]
[...]s in all the Orchards, faithfully J Ivory. (James Ivory). Went to St
& very pretty country about Devonshi[...]Tom, Willie, Frank, Holmie, Aunt Ivory, in fact
through laziness to write same, t[...]

Sketch drawn by James Ivory

[...]ngi Jingi, & really was a Aunt William Ivory, & to Janet, also to Doctor
good hearted s[...]
[...]hes deep in cotton, so
mamma was going to pay Mrs Ivory a visit soon, I like snow, &[...]
finish it off till I got the list of deeds Mortgag[...]
[...]a letter thanking him. Bed.
from Aunt W Ivory. Wrote to Aunt William, Tom,
Willie, Sandy[...]
[...]36 acres, & on Monday at Lakeland 40 James Connor & slightly bruised. Music. Bed.
[...]ose B.D. Got letters from Willie & Aunt Ivory. Read
& fencing Emu Creek. Pea tree getting[...]
[...]Sent off letters to Willie, Jamie, & Aunt Ivory.
Courier, which I exhibited. Pumpkins comin[...]

Sketch drawn by James Ivory

Saturday 1st January 1870 my Father could[...]duly sent to him along with a
Sunday 2nd January 1870 kind present[...]it much. Bed. Friday 7th January 1870[...]Finished Stonewall Jackson, I
Monday 3rd January 1870 had no idea t[...]Kind & Saturday 8th January 1870
considerate letter from Mr. G. Ord. answered[...]B.D. The 92. Sent a present of fruit to Mrs
same. James Connor a little liar & thief left. C[...]pe. Wifie took a walk. Letter
Tuesday 4th January 1870 from Alek who[...]Sunday 9th January 1870
Wednesday 5 January 1870 B.D. Thermomet[...]sented me with a fine little
Thursday 6th January 1870 daughter[...]
[...]er to have a Friday 14th January 1870
speedy recovery under His Blessing. Seymour did[...]ermon. Bed.
X Bremer Cottage. January 9th/70. Mrs James Saturday 15th January 1870
Ivory of a fine strapping Daughter.[...]as also sugar. Jones making a
Monday 10th January 1870 boat for me.[...]Sunday 16th January 1870[...]oll in Quarry Paddock. Found
Tuesday 11th January 1870 acacia seeds[...]Read Sermon. Bed.
Wednesday 12th January 1870
Thermometer 92. B.D. otherwise. Drove to Monday 17th January 1870
Bandanbah to see Willie, found him well & quite[...]s a snake. Wrote to Nin. Janet, Aunty Ivory, Tom,
New Years present to buy sweetmeats of cour[...]. p.m. & began to clear off
Thursday 13th January 1870 about 2.a.m. i[...]sented him with Tuesday 18th January 1870
a son on the 10th. Signed the document abo[...]
[...]ishes to sell all the Monday 24th January 1870
remainder at the same figure. No word of Mail[...]ooking well. Grapes. Bed.

Wednesday 19th January 1870 Tuesday 25th January 1870
B.D. Boatmaking. Sent off letters & 7 papers,[...]n told him he was wrong, if
Thursday 20th January 1870 you are not cons[...]Brisbane. Mail Wednesday 26th January 1870
Telegraphed. Cards with Tot. Bed.[...]gles to Oxley Creek. Hamilton
Friday 21st January 1870 came for tools[...]. Gave Saphoon (a Thursday 27th January 1870
Kanaka) a nice fishing line & hook of which he[...]mail yet. Bed.
Saturday 22nd January 1870
B.D. Filling up stump holes. Got into my boat 1st Friday 28th January 1870
time, very leakey but continued to row from Mill[...]. Bed. Saturday 29th Jan 1870[...]ht a large species of Dogfish
Sunday 23rd January 1870 about 6[...]
[...]illie, Jamie, & Wednesday 2nd February 1870
Sandy Adam. Sent off letter to Tom, Janet, Aunty[...]Rainy. Got Connor to plant Prickly Acacias, & to
Ivory & Alek Adam. Wrote to Frank advising Golf[...]ve thought that it had hardly
Sunday 30th January 1870 time to take[...]le to Wifie. Thursday, 3rd February 1870
Read one of Blair’s Sermons. Rain. Bed.[...]lled a Carpet Snake 9 feet in
Monday 31st January 1870 length. When[...]waist, it felt pretty big &
Tuesday 1st February 1870 too fat for a[...]London at, at least Friday 4th February 1870
6d per b but the Extract won’t go down y[...]
[...]n bearing down Tuesday 8th February 1870
upon us, I was prepared for a swim, but luckily[...]ver which is Wednesday 9th February 1870
only about the same size as the famed Suez Canal[...]Thursday 10th February 1870[...]t running about near Mill,
Saturday, 5th February 1870 I must shoot it[...]in after Friday 11th February 1870
thinking over it & tell me his calm decision on t[...]y prevalent both at Ipswich &
Sunday 6th February 1870 Brisbane. Po[...]im to bring some wedders next
Monday 7th February 1870 week. No Sme[...]ung up Saturday 12th February 1870
remainder of Tobacco plants to let fresh c[...]
[...]ad Math answers best, a very
Sunday 13th February 18701870 Sunday 20th February 1870
B.D. but rather oppressive, Wifie & self headachy[...]e & Tottie, Blair’s. Bed.
Tuesday 15th February 1870
Slight showers, still headachy. Cutting up nut Monday 21st February 1870
grass. Read. Music. Bed.[...]ngth, but general average
Wednesday 16th February 1870 about 3 feet, & ve[...]better looking than the general
Jane Helene Torre Ivory. He seems a pleasant run of[...]3.12. due more than a year
Thursday 17th February 1870 since, so Mr Hend[...]the
B.D. Sent off letters to Tom, Willie & Aunty Ivory. matter into the hands of a Lawyer[...]ected on Tuesday, the A.S.N.
Friday 18th February 1870 Company see tha[...]bait so near my Tuesday 22nd February 1870
canoe that it gave me almost a ducking with the[...]ring very Wednesday 23rd February 1870
nicely. I have some plants now yielding a 3rd cro[...]Thursday 24th February 1870[...]bothering, something also
Saturday 19th February 1870 wrong with[...]
Friday 25th February 1870 tame that it[...]ng the other who is Tuesday 1st March 1870
little better. Messrs Smellie & Sinclair came &[...]Wednesday 2nd March 1870
Saturday 26th February 1870 Showery. Mrs C[...]wrong again. As thanking Mr James Manning for his kind offer to
Tottie was playing[...]milar to cat’s Thursday 3rd March 1870
conversation on which pussy acted. Some hours[...]rse cheque of Friday 4th March 1870
£53..12.0 also Promissory note £67.1.3. to Mess[...]ellent. Cleaning some of the
Sunday 27th February 1870 Sugar Cane.[...]Saturday 5th March 1870[...]toward evening. Drew rails &
Monday 28th February 1870 posts[...]
[...]Thursday 10th March 1870
Sunday 6 March 1870 Rai[...]ht very well. Flood over many of
Monday 7th March 1870 the f[...]iling down shed & 2 inches deep
Tuesday 8th March 1870 where[...]o see how the Friday 11th March 1870
water lay so as to provide for safety, all right[...]learing up, very tantalising.
Wednesday 9th March 1870 W[...]
[...]under water. River ¾ as high
Saturday 12th March 1870 as before ti[...]Pernambuco Wednesday 16th March 1870
Cotton quite black, I only wish I had seen its[...]in Brisbane, & Thursday 17th March 1870
boats plying in the streets in South Brisbane.[...]heir huts in order. Music. Bed.
Sunday 13th March 1870
Showery, but River quite off all the Sugar Cane & Friday 18th March 1870
many feet lower than last night. Cattle arrived a[...]Telegraphed. Music. Bed.

Monday 14th March 1870 Saturday 19th March 1870
Hard at it again, no sign of sun or engine, River[...]where not flooded will do well
Tuesday 15th March 1870 yet[...]
[...]flood which I never Thursday 24th March 1870
knew to be so high on Bandanbah Creek. There is[...]n I wished much to see & who is
Sunday 20th March 1870 intending to[...]Bed.

Monday 21st March 1870 Friday 25th March 1870
B.D. Inspected Pumpkins, not much damage done.[...]the mud for me. Music. Bed.
Tuesday 22nd March 1870
B.D. Expected. Mrs Rowlands to dinner, no arrival Saturday 26th March 1870
much to Het’s disgust, as she had got up a nice[...]all black snake being bitten
Wednesday 23rd March 1870 on 2 of h[...]
[...]he muttered Wednesday 30th March 1870
something not very complimentary I suppose &[...], but he may find it Thursday 31st March 1870
otherwise. Delicious weather. Bed.[...]left & new nurse Mary D’Arcy
Sunday 27th March 1870 arrived, all[...]lind. Read papers. Music. Bed.

Monday 28th March 1870 Friday 1st April 1870
B.D. Set Engine to pump, very stiff & would not[...]rs, some of which date back as
Tuesday 29th March 1870 far as/41. Se[...]ittle the worse of his Saturday 2nd April 1870
snake bite (small black snake about 2 feet long)[...]st shifted in time, Sunday 3rd April 1870
water running through Groombridge’s hut.[...]een drunk. Mrs Monday 4th April 1870
Callanan heard of the death of her mother last[...]has 30 bales seed Tuesday 5th April 1870
cotton to bring for ginning. Told Groombri[...]
[...]were 3 days Saturday 9th April 1870
under water when first sown. The ground is really[...]the Highlands of Sunday 10th April 1870
Scotland, liked it very much, as I could pretty w[...]us. Played Ecarte Monday 11th April 1870
with Tot. Zoe the cat quite happy & frisky. They[...]own for Oats. Planting Acacia
Wednesday 6th April 1870 seeds. Hor[...]Tuesday 12th April 1870
blew up its[...]ng on nicely, several nearly 5
Thursday 7th April 1870 feet in l[...]w a snake. Wednesday 13th April 1870
Roxburgh to call next week. Promissory Note for[...]much. Bed.

Friday 8th April 1870 Thursday 14th April 1870
Very slightly showery. Wrote to Macpherson[...]
Friday 15th April 1870 Miss Morey s[...]rs Koch to Church. Sawing firewood. Wrote to
Aunt Ivory, Tom enclosing 2nd of Exchange for Wednesday 20th April 1870
£155. from Bank Australasia, also letter to Will[...]Thursday 21st April 1870
Saturday 16th April 1870 B.D. Aroused b[...]t into little room in Steamer &
Sunday 17th April 1870 finished my[...]a Telegram to start as early as
Monday 18th April 1870 possible so[...]Insolvent court; Paid several
Tuesday 19th April 1870 accounts. Bed[...]up again. Had a visit Friday 22nd April 1870
from a dirty woman. Hauled into our cove a[...]
[...]Thursday 28th April 1870
Saturday 23 April 1870 Lovely. Wro[...]Friday 29th April 1870
Sunday 24 April 1870 B.D. Took[...]not very well. Mrs Bell called.
Monday 25th April 1870 Ploughing.[...]t 11.a.m. Mr Saturday 30th April 1870
Callanan had taken 24 dozen oranges to Bremer[...]Sunday 1st May 1870
Tuesday 26 April 1870 B.D. Wifie[...]ry lazy. Mrs Wilson came Monday 2nd May 1870
running out to me from a butcher’s shop begging[...]uld never ask me for Tuesday 3rd May 1870
money again, very serious matter certainly. Jones[...]to me was only a Copy of one
Wednesday 27th April 1870 he sent[...]
Wednesday 4th May 1870 tree to make[...]bait & was found Tuesday 10th May 1870
dead this morning, it is one of the wild house ca[...]I must place baits Wednesday 11th May 1870
tomorrow for them. Great difficulty in forming a[...]he told me that he was nominated
Thursday 5th May 1870 yesterday w[...]lace, as Ramsay has certainly gone
Friday 6th May 1870 in an ent[...]dra Theatre & Carpendale & Shaw.
Saturday 7th May 1870 Called on K[...]is year with wooden Friday 13th May 1870
rollers so as to gain experience by degrees for[...]do her good. Music. Bed.
Sunday 8th May 1870
Warm sun. Read Sermon to Wifie, one of Blair’s Saturday 14th May 1870
very good. Bed.[...]2 Flower of Sydney market orange,
Monday 9th May 1870 2[...]
Sunday 15th May 1870 Saturday 21st May 1870
B.D. Took a stroll. Read one of Blair’s Sermons[...]opening very slowly. Mr Eyre (the
Monday 16th May 1870 violent Auc[...]e flood. Wee Willie Sunday 22nd May 1870
helping. Bed.[...]Blair’s Sermons. Bed.
Tuesday 17th May 1870
Tares now coming up. Received letters from Monday 23rd May 1870
Willie, Tom & Jamie, & Aunt Jane. Not much[...]aines & Co. who had seen Jamie
Wednesday 18th May 1870 at the Kinahan[...]lace not over pleasant & nearly
Thursday 19th May 1870 pitched into[...]at she must be half dead, however
Friday 20th May 1870 my c[...]
[...]urt his arm. Jones made Cask stand, &
pretty Miss Ivory. Mr Hewitt (a Mackay Planter)[...]. Sunday 29th May 1870[...]t rainy afternoon. Took a stroll
Tuesday 24th May 1870 through[...]te. Walked in Botanic Monday 30th May 1870
gardens & saw a man fishing of decent[...]. Letter from Ord. Read. Bed.

Wednesday 25th May 1870 Tuesday 31st May 1870
B.D. started for Bremer Cottage at 6.30. Mr[...]. Read. Bed. Wednesday 1st June 1870[...]Mrs Koch arrived, but Tot likes
Thursday 26th May 1870 Brisbane[...]with Tot. Bed.

Friday 27th May 1870 Thursday 2nd June 1870
B.D. Misty mornings now. Shifting tanks. Sowed[...]ng me came back Friday 3rd June 1870
again. Jones in about Mill & iron for rollers, go[...]£40 & that my horses were much
Saturday 28th May 1870 li[...]
[...]aged) must return him a Tuesday 7 June 1870
handsome income. Forbes & his wife from home[...]onnie but very Wednesday 8 June 1870
pleasant. Het & she knew each other, long ago, so[...]believe. Read. Bed.

Saturday 4th June 1870 Thursday 9 June 1870
B.D. Started in Ipswich St, saw 2 gents of the[...]st & faithful servant. Friday 10 June 1870
Arrived at Bremer Cottage & found all well, & 10[...]Saturday 11 June 1870
Sunday 5 June 1870 B.D. Yes[...]t his horse heating. Wrote to Tom &
Monday 6 June 1870 W[...]
Sunday 12 June 1870 Saturday 18th June 1870
B.D. Tottie & Mrs Koch to church. Quiet walk.[...]papers. Little in then Music. Bed.
Monday 13 June 1870
B.D. Frost last night sufficient to blacken potato Sunday 19th June 1870
tops & Banana leaves & missed the Sugar Cane[...]a disease. Henry Monday 20th June 1870
Pedley caught a 7lb eel, it was exceedingly good[...]yment of rent in March, though in
Tuesday 14 June 1870 Septembe[...]lora was frost bitten on Sunday
Wednesday 15 June 1870 the 12th I[...]of them. Bed.
Thursday 16 June 1870
B.D. though cloudy & threatening rain. Went to Tuesday 21st June 1870
Logan’s Lagoon & took a round of the Mares &[...]h seem pleased. Letter from G. Ord
Friday 17 June 1870 about P[...]r 6 months Wednesday 22nd June 1870
Devine who is said to be a capital ploughm[...]
[...]to cheque, he Monday 27th June 1870
now explains that said Ord did not mention which[...]B.D. Cold raw wind. Barnes & his wife & excellent
Ivory, so that he would be rather in a fix if he had[...]n I was sorry had to leave, so
Thursday 23rd June 1870 respectabl[...]up. Read. Bed.

Friday 24th June 1870 Tuesday 28th June 1870
B.D. Mr Power came to look at cane, found the[...]served on the Wednesday 29th June 1870
22nd Instant. Boy stupidly forgot to get letters.[...]sugar plantation to eat up the
Saturday 25th June 1870 herbs. Whe[...]lanan & that he Thursday 30th June 1870
promised to see what could be done for him.[...]Friday 1st July 1870[...]to Bandanbah & found Murphy had
Sunday 26th June 1870 s[...]
[...]Wednesday 6th July 1870[...]ll my remaining lots, beautiful
Saturday 2nd July 1870 view from[...]Walker not much liked, he is the
Sunday 3rd July 1870 Landlord[...]Thursday 7th July 1870
Monday 4 July 1870 B.D. S[...]sic. Bed. Friday 8th July 1870[...]round. Took my usual walk to top
Tuesday 5th July 1870 of[...]
[...]ther flood, creek rising. Bed.

Saturday 9th July 1870 Thursday 14th July 1870
B.D. Looked over Illustrated news.[...]Friday 15th July 1870
Sunday 10 July 1870 Rainy & w[...]Kinglake. No prospect of getting
Monday 11th July 1870 away for so[...]ineral seems to be Saturday 16th July 1870
something like silver with a good deal of sulphur[...]. Sunday 17th July 1870[...]dness. Creek considerably down,
Tuesday 12th July 1870 moon last ni[...]aw a splendid white cow. Bed.
Wednesday 13th July 1870[...]
Monday 18th July 18701870
found it too deep to cross where we intended, so[...]ing, (can’t say board) to the
Tuesday 19th July 1870 nervous fema[...]with dray laden Thursday 21st July 1870
with timber, brother of my bullock driver at[...]d to come this long Friday 22nd July 1870
round owing to the Rivers being flooded.[...]hat Wifie was t Mr Saturday 23rd July 1870
Mannings with Mrs Koch, Tottie at Wilson’s, & B.D. Read papers. Sir James Simpson I see gone.
Willie at his house. H[...]
Sunday 24th July 1870 Sunday 31st July 1870
B.D. West to Presbyterian Church & heard Mr[...]exceedingly Monday 1st August 1870
monotonous & tiring to listen to. Called at Docto[...]but I couldn’t think of it, at
Monday 25th July 1870 least for[...]hed a few canes very well. Read
Tuesday 26th July 1870 papers. Col[...]eeping charge of the Tuesday 2nd August 1870
place. Bighead ran off & jumped a fence & made[...]lat with little holes stuffed
Wednesday 27th July 1870 full of chees[...]er. Billeting wood Wednesday 3rd August 1870
for firing. Willie got a ride. Music. Bed.[...]nothing to say for themselves.
Thursday 28th July 1870 Mrs B. kept[...]remarks. Read. Bed.
Friday 29th July 1870
B.D. Went to see Mr Daniells about Cotton, also Thursday 4th August 1870
went to Logan’s Lagoon & had a ride over[...]Boat sunk. Wrote a letter to Aunt William Ivory.
Holes in Long Swamp breaking out. Lots of[...]Friday 5th August 1870
Saturday 30 July 1870 B.D[...]
Saturday 6th August 1870 Tom, & Aunty Ivory. Baby very jolly. Read papers.
Coldish, ye[...]Bed. Friday 12th August 1870[...]ich being polling day & gave my
Sunday 7th August 1870 vote to the[...]Saturday 13th August 1870
Monday 8 August 1870 B.D. Expe[...]help laughing. Baby delighted.
Tuesday 9th August 1870 Bed.
B.D. bo[...]k a walk to Lakeland. Sunday 14th August 1870
Jones shield for turning cane into 2nd roller ver[...]Prayers. Bed.

Wednesday 10th August 1870 Monday 15th August 1870
B.D. Ready this time as boarded not pass till 11.[...]action. At Gray Tuesday 16th August 1870
Boot maker, no satisfaction, disgusted at the[...]1 bottle Gin & Wednesday 17th August 1870
1 bottle wine per diem, looked like it, so bloate[...]all day. Jones busy at Sugar
Thursday 11th August 1870 machinery. Men[...]going, as usual Thursday 18th August 1870
could not make up his mind. Found all well[...]
Friday 19th August 1870 to remain, so[...]ice wife. Read papers. Bed.

Saturday 20th August 1870 Wednesday 24th August 1870
B.D. Went to Logan’s Lagoon. Saw 3 swans. One[...]erhead in the Thursday 25th August 1870
water, all turned out better than I anticipated &[...]lanter’s friend a good sugar
Sunday 21st August 1870 yielding Sorg[...]Friday 26th August 1870
Monday 22nd August 1870 Raining, Retu[...]wee babe got 12th Tooth. Bed.
Tuesday 23rd August 1870
B.D. With rain in the evening. Found a strawberry Saturday 27th August 1870
quite ripe, very early for them. Mr Power[...]
[...]oot out of its Thursday 1st September 1870
stirrup, he also would hardly pass them. The man[...]e. Trashed a splendid plant of
Sunday 28th August 1870 Ribbon cane[...]ldish yet, but no frost. Bed.

Monday 29th August 1870 Friday 2nd September 1870
Showery. Seymour tried horses & ploughed some[...]very good Saturday 3rd September 1870
after so much rain. Charlie has sore ears. Read.[...]same. Read papers. Bed.

Tuesday 30th August 1870 Sunday 4th September 1870
Showery, rain, rain, rain, again, farmers can’t[...]ometer 40 Monday 5th September 1870
last night. English Mail Telegram arrived,[...]the rise. Jamie, Tom & Auntie Ivory. Read papers. Mr Gill
Draining. Mr Power c[...]’s farm which I rent from
Wednesday 31st August 1870 1st Sept[...]
Tuesday 6th September 1870 illegible] Eyre.[...]om G. Ord. Tuesday 13th September 1870
Read papers. Bed.[...]to take up young stock &
Wednesday 7th September 1870 Tomboy Mare to Esk[...]ay in my office Wednesday 14th September 1870
to regulate papers &c. commenced to feed stock[...]ive £1. & 10 to boy. Went
Thursday 8th September 1870 over canes to see[...]ing down Thursday 15th September 1870
flooded canes & trashing what is fit to be kept[...]f some of the clauses of the
Friday 9th September 1870 Land Act, young[...]gby’s to sign agreement
Saturday 10th September 1870 about Cologne rout[...]Friday 16th September 1870[...]Ipswich, case soon decided
Sunday 11th September 1870 against Skinner[...]ad before crossed safely he
Monday 12th September 1870 plopped i[...]
[...]id it, her Tuesday 20th September 1870
mother also told the Magistrate that his decision[...]l the coffee plants I think
Friday 16th September 1870 are dead. Custar[...]s a nice quiet ladylike &
Saturday 17th September 1870 spirited girl. Rea[...]d papers. Wednesday 21st September 1870
Ploughing. Trashing cane, one stool having 26[...]presentation. Thursday 22nd September 1870
Katey Cardew played & sang to us. Bed.[...]cleared of Trash, one stool
Sunday 18th September 1870 with 29 canes. A[...]Friday 23rd September 1870
Monday 19th September 1870 Thundery,[...]
Saturday 24th September 1870 Thursday 29th September 1870
B.D. Guinea grass shooting. Read papers. Devine[...]be up tomorrow night. Bed.

Sunday 25th September 1870 Friday 30th September 1870
B.D. Took a stroll. Nobody at Church. Received[...]of a thunder shower & when
Monday 26th September 1870 spoken to was v[...]y to other side the River.
Tuesday 27th September 1870 Willows coming o[...]Saturday 1st October 1870
Wednesday 28th September 1870 B.D. Saw wifie & T[...]ourbon 8 which Sunday 2nd October 1870
about 3 weeks since only went 6. Feel very much[...]as I am put a week Monday 3rd October 1870
out. Reading Sir Morton Peto on American[...]
[...]wrong. Fine Moon. Bed.

Tuesday 4th October 1870 Sunday 9th October 1870
B.D. Cutting Oats. Looked over cane trashers.[...]solid joints, & outer Monday 10th October 1870
coat wonderfully thin & easily cracked. Some[...]£6 for fat Tuesday 11th October 1870
bullocks, in fact hardly any are to be had. I see[...]Wednesday 12th October 1870[...]without wind, bad look out
Wednesday 5th October 1870 for the Oats cu[...]shoots. Music. Bed.

Thursday 6th October 1870 Thursday 13th October 1870
B.D. cutting Oats, the men think that the crop al[...]ks. Mrs Koch left early in the
Friday 7th October 1870 morning when[...]f Goslings & Friday 14th October 1870
chickens running about. A Mr Proctor called here[...]dy looking. Saturday 15th October 1870
Read. Bed.[...]thunder. Read. Bed.
Saturday 8th October 1870
B.D. Cutting Oats & stacking same, got up at Sunday 16th October 1870
5.15a.m. to see that a proper start was ma[...]
[...]Saturday 22nd October 1870
Monday 17 October 1870 Showery, g[...]Cardew & Miss Morey arrived
Tuesday 18th October 1870 for a couple[...]well. Music. Bed.

Wednesday 19th October 1870 Sunday 23rd October 1870
Heavy showers. Planted some Ribbon Cane 34[...]on & his Monday 24th October 1870
daughter Annie & Miss [word illegible] grey calle[...]stand it as the Balance of
Thursday 20th October 1870 Power would th[...]ould be perfectly Tuesday 25th October 1870
cattle proof as he has seen fences of the same[...]Bed.
Friday 21st October 1870
Rainy. Planting Ribbon Cane. Making clarifiers for Wednesday 26th October 1870
Sugar manufacture. Planter’s Friend comi[...]
[...]t. Gathered Wednesday 2nd November 1870
some good specimen specimens of Barley &[...]ing arrived. Thursday 3rd November 1870
Jones cleaning up the machinery. Black dog[...]hich I put some tons of hay
Thursday 27th October 1870 into. Warmish.[...]Snake seen. Read. Bed.

Friday 28th October 1870 Friday 4th November 1870
B.D. Building stack & cutting oats. Making[...]Bed.

Saturday 29th October 1870 Saturday 5th November 1870
B.D. Nearly finished stack & cutting or Mowing[...]areless. Sunday 6th November 1870
Transplanted some Laburnams. Bed.[...]Prayers. Bed.
Sunday 30th October 1870
B.D. Took a stroll to the quarry the ground about Monday 7th November 1870
which is lovely & the grass so green amongst[...]Tuesday 8th November 1870[...]Ploughing by Seymour. Weeding
Monday 31st October 1870 garden. Readi[...]. Mahaffey came
the drip. Wrote to Willie, Auntie Ivory & Mr for his horse. No 4 To Light[...]d. Bed.

Tuesday 1st November 1870 Wednesday 9th November 1870
B.D. Finished putting up stack & all ready for[...]e up by 4.p.m. Thursday 10th November 1870
Laburnums taken hold of ground well. Hay a[...]
[...]t, so much for Wednesday 16th November 1870
want of [word illegible] & they had been working[...]d by Thursday 17th November 1870
Groombridge & now looks very park like. Lots of[...]whose leader he was. I only
Friday 11th November 1870 hope he may fulf[...]on sets from Mr Friday 18th November 1870
Cooper at 10/. Per 1,000 of 3 eyes each. Require[...]be we’ll be flooded out,
Saturday 12th November 1870 boats, boats!!! &[...]ing in strongly for breeding
Sunday 13th November 1870 cattle, advertis[...]Saturday 19th November 1870
Monday 14 November 1870 B.D. Though ve[...]d some White 90 day Maizena
Tuesday 15th November 1870 & some bro[...]
Received letter of adieu yesterday from James Took a stroll through Mill & Sugar[...]work well, a fine Saturday 26th November 1870
stream of water running out of them. Had 3 fine[...]Sunday 27th November 1870
Sunday 20th November 1870 Showery with sl[...]Monday 28th November 1870
Monday 21 November 1870 B.D. Getting[...]. Read paper. Mail expected
Tuesday 22nd November 1870 tomorrow. Wrote to Willie & Auntie Ivory &
B.D. Mr Roxburg called wishing to borrow some[...]am from home, Tuesday 29th November 1870
Paris at its wits end evidently. Read papers.[...]7 a.m.
Wednesday 23rd November 1870
B.D. Went to Logan’s Lagoon. Creek been into Wednesday 30th November 1870
the garden again but little damage done. Cows[...]Thursday 1st December 1870[...]letter for me. Sent off a
Thursday 24th November 1870 letter to Willie & Aunty Ivory. Work same as
Showery but not enough to da[...]Friday 2nd December 1870[...]aring weeds from Sugar Cane.
Friday 25th November 1870 Mending[...]
Saturday 3rd December 1870
Ploughing, hay making, planted some Maizena & Wednesday 7th December 1870
Broom Millet a few days since. My Meats sent[...]Norma rows well, went to the
Sunday 4th December 1870 Quarry. Musi[...]them all Thursday 8th December 1870
getting a good ducking on their way back. Miss[...]Friday 9th December 1870
Monday 5 December 1870 B.D. Tried[...], only rather Saturday 10th December 1870
circular Sailing. Read. Music. Bed.[...]r nearly all right. Sent for
Tuesday 6th December 1870 Doctor Rowlan[...]nly occasionally Sunday 11th December 1870
running us right into the Bank which cause[...]
Monday 12th December 1870 From a man r[...]& then makes Saturday 17th December 1870
use of Zoe as a pillow; she is a [word illegible][...]Lagoon. Plenty good grass.
Tuesday 13th December 1870 Shearing fini[...]d. Sunday 18th December 1870[...]g. Harriet & Miss Ross to
Wednesday 14th December 1870 Chapel. Took a[...]d. Monday 19th December 18701870 Invincible Col[...]out 5p.m. & Tuesday 20th December 1870
returned without thinking much of the Show. I[...]some 7 Wednesday 21st December 1870
miles. Show not so good as last years. Bed.[...]y force pump on creek bank &
Friday 16th December 1870 which[...]
Thursday 22nd December 1870 when her mamm[...]Lel. Bed.
Friday 23rd December 1870
B.D. Very warm 88 in shade. Slight thunderstorm Tuesday 27th December 1870
but little rain. Put my 2 best ½ bred Cheviot Ra[...]ars on Wednesday 28th December 1870
the trees at Cologne. The Medlars don’t, at lea[...]nto the Bank of the River,
Saturday 24th December 1870 however they[...]was only spying the land for
Sunday 25th December 1870 his our pur[...]Thursday 29th December 1870[...]ring Lakeland fence, but 324
Monday 26th December 1870 wedders int[...]66. bales fleece Friday 30th December 1870
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James Ivory diary, 1863 - 1870, Ipswich (2013)
James Ivory (1820-1887)
First volume of a series of diaries kept by James Ivory written between 1863 and 1885. Ivory owned Eskdale (Esk) in 1843. He acquired l[...]
[...]il. Please contact Picture Ipswich for use of the transcriptions or part thereof.
James Ivory (1820-1887)
James Ivory Diaries
19th Century